What to do with your deck

Here are some ways people have used Personal Universal Decks. Please let us know how you use yours.

Ben Parzybok:

I use my own personal universal deck as a sort of obstruction / inspiration / Oulipo challenge while writing, often trying to incorporate the words into the piece I'm working on. I use it to ask questions and receive advice. I use it as the beginning of a morning's journal entry, to see if something outside of my mind (and yet, still created by my mind) might have some input. I almost always use a three-card divination with an optional transitional card.

I think of my deck as a being that talks to me in signs and symbols, in a language that is crafted of analogy. It tries its best to communicate with me with its meager knowlege of 100 words, and its deep understanding of my own psychology. Most of the time it succeeds.

Each divination feels like a weight-lift exercise, as I attempt to stretch and pull the words into meaning. The deck feels opinionated, and alive.

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